Leadership .. The Most Underrated & Useful Skill !

Sabina Mansour (Syria)

Leadership is the ability to bring together a group of people to work towards a common goal.

The word "leader" evokes images of great men and women who are characterized by their great ability to lead individuals and help them solve their problems, which leads to the coherence of human events.
Unfortunately, however, the image of the leader portrayed in the movies as a hero who narrates his heroic deeds, creates a widespread belief that leading others must necessarily make one go through a set of critical junctures, and not even have the power to inspire millions and millions of people. Of course, driving is actually not like that.

The concept of leadership in our present time is the ability to bring together a group of people to work, and it may have been popular in recent times, especially in the past decade, the term leadership in entrepreneurship, as some of us still wonder about this term and whether we can practice it as well. ?!

We can say that leadership is for an entrepreneur, and in simple words, it is the ability to motivate others to strive to achieve common and shareable goals. Therefore, mothers, fathers, and even children are able to lead, which makes us definitely able to be good entrepreneurs and leaders, so what we have to know is What we want to achieve as well as knowing where we want to go so we need to know and dictate the ways in which we can achieve the goal.