The Youth Forum in the Arab Region

Admin (Tunisia)

In 2018, the United Nation Population Fund Arab States Regional Office (UNFPA ASRO) launched the Youth Forum in the Arab Region as an impartial platform affording youth the space for open dialogue and debate and to enable tracking the development and implementation of a dynamic youth agenda in the Arab region.

The first edition of the forum was held in Morocco in December 2018, UNFPA laid the groundwork for the concept of an open space available to all young people and organizations interested in youth issues in the region.

With the overarching theme “knowledge at the service of youth in the Arab States”, Tunisia hosted the second edition of the forum and gathered more than 250 participants from 20 Arab countries. During the forum, participants agreed on the following:

1.      Development of the Regional Youth Platform: MINASATY (My Platform), a youth-led digital space that brings youth together to join efforts and find ways and opportunities to strengthen youth development in the Arab region.

2.      Development of a Youth Charter in the Arab Region as a reference document for youth programs, policies and strategies. Since the Charter stems from youth and thus reflects their challenges, needs, rights, and freedoms, it is expected to embrace the needs and aspirations of youth living in conflict zones, youth economic empowerment, and implementing national youth policies.

3.      Develop “Shabab it”, a digital solution for Youth-friendly Services designed to capture and meet youth knowledge, information, educational and health needs. Their aim was to create an instrument or tool that would enable youth to gauge local implementation of programs and services using physical and digital means.

4.      Creation of a center that would channel their innovation, initiatives and projects into concrete contributions to the SDGs under the label Center of Excellence.

To learn more about the second edition of the Forum, you can review the report in English through this link.

The third edition of the Youth Forum in the Arab Region 2021 is to consist of a series of regional events focusing on the progress achieved in the implementation of the 2019 Forum’s flagship products.