About Menassati

Everything youth needs in one place

During the Second Edition of the Youth Forum in the Arab Region, hosted by the United Nations Population Fund Arab States Regional Office (UNFPA ASRO), which took place in Tunisia in 2019. The 250 young leaders suggested the creation of a Regional Youth Platform “Menassati” which translates to the Arabic word “My platform”. The platform is aiming to be a “Youth-led” digital space that brings youth together to find ways and opportunities to strengthen youth development in the Arab region.

Menassati became real

Following the end of the Youth Forum, Forum’s Task Forces were established to oversee each of the Forum Flagship Outcomes consisting of dedicated youth from different countries and supported by UNFPA ASRO and its partners to create and develop the “Menassati” platform.

Our goals

Creating Community

That platform is a place where youth and adolescents from across the region can convene and connect digitally, share ideas, and work collectively to further the youth agenda in relation to knowledge, programming and policies.

Knowledge Sharing

The platform would include an education and knowledge dissemination function to facilitate and enable webinars, seminars, information and culture exchange, dialogue, conferences and projects to support youth in their quest to work, study and/or collect data insights and infographics, to increase knowledge sharing among youth in the region.

Connecting Opportunities

The platform gathers present and future opportunities across the region. The Platform is envisaged as a Regional and Multi-Functional Platform for youth where they can easily find and make better use of opportunities that are taking place from educational opportunities to conferences, summits and forums.